Ready to Go!

January 17, 2021

December 31st marked the date of The City Electrical inspection.. we were all excited and nervous about this day – so many hours of work were put in to bring it to this point and it’s all up to 1 man to say thumbs up. Well, He did! What a great day that was, knowing that we can move onto insulation and finishing! Big hooray goes to Shawn & Josh for not only fulfilling the requirements, but doing what the engineer called “one of the cleanest jobs he saw in 2020”

Once we knew we could move on we reached out to Above All Sprayfoam to add R18 insulation to our perimeter walls. This product is actually incredible and you would never even know there had been extra man doors and overhead doors from inside. The temperature is now nicely maintained and drafts are gone.

Jan 13th Garry, owner of Top Coat Painting started spraying all the roof decking, joist and duct work. What a difference this has made! All the dirt has disappeared and it looks very clean and taller. The color is called Iron Ore from Benjamin Moore. One step closer now.

Drywall delivery is happening tomorrow (Jan 18). Saturday we did clean-up.. the floor was covered in the dryfall paint and needed to be swept up. Everything in the building is pushed into one area to make this easy for GDI drywall to do their job. This stage is the one I am most excited about- sound insulation will go within the drywall and we have pre-run conduit to all the ports for internet and video feed – and NOW each room will take it’s shape. The space is also going to be brighter!

Drywall is going to take a few weeks and then it’s going to be all hands on deck for priming and painting. Anyone you know who is willing with some experience is welcome to come volunteer. Many hands will make light work!

Be Part of the Story

After 9 years, almost 500 Sunday set-ups as a mobile church, Joy Fountain has landed on a permanent home. The limitations of renting a space only 4 hours a week are soon to be over! Those mobile years weren’t for nothing - we’ve reached people, become a family and learned how to serve unconditionally - but we are ready for MORE. These next 6 months come along for the journey - watch as we convert this raw 5000 sq ft warehouse into a home for Joy Fountain. You can help us make this possible with your financial donation and sharing in the excitement - tell your friends, tell your neighbors- spread the Word!