Keeping the Faith

March 10, 2020

Updates have been announced over the last Sundays in church, but if you’ve missed those we want you to know where things are at with the building project #ahomeforjoy.

On December 24 our permit application was submitted to the City of Winnipeg. This was a complex document showing not just a floorplan, but mechanical, structural, electrical and everything required for a safe occupancy site. This application then went through several desks which approve or advise of changes based on the building code.

As of right now we are waiting on only 2/9 parts, 1 of which is a variance required to change the parking plan and street edge landscaping of the building.

YES, we did not anticipate this part of the process taking so long. NO, this does not mean our permit is being denied. The timeline we are following is common with commercial retro-fit’s – this is our first time on a project like this, and our expectation was high. During this time of waiting much work on the backend has been happening. Lining up trades, materials, insurance etc. Upon receipt of our permit the first item will be framing. A volunteer crew will meet to do this with a skilled leader, if you’re not already registered to be a building volunteer crew go to


PRAYER! Every Tuesday in March is fasting and prayer at the building. 6pm-7pm

Specific prayer requests for any time of day:

  • quick progress on the permit
  • once construction begins: a smooth flowing schedule with no difficulties
  • abundant grace for those on the front lines of this project


Have you signed up for a Peer-2-Peer fundraising page? Any amount you can raise or donate will help contribute to the overall goal. YOU can make a difference!

I will let you know of further updates as they advance! Amanda Bordush

Be Part of the Story

After 9 years, almost 500 Sunday set-ups as a mobile church, Joy Fountain has landed on a permanent home. The limitations of renting a space only 4 hours a week are soon to be over! Those mobile years weren’t for nothing - we’ve reached people, become a family and learned how to serve unconditionally - but we are ready for MORE. These next 6 months come along for the journey - watch as we convert this raw 5000 sq ft warehouse into a home for Joy Fountain. You can help us make this possible with your financial donation and sharing in the excitement - tell your friends, tell your neighbors- spread the Word!