November 27, 2020

The question has been asked alot these last weeks- what’s happening with the building with code red. I am grateful to say that construction is considered an essential service so progress has not been slowed. We are following appropriate measures and work crews are safe

This week we saw wires being run through the walls and exterior lights are lit. The electrical team continues to work hard and make progress – the electrical system is the largest component of this retrofit- thank-you Shawn for your diligence and commitment!!! (xoxo)

Mike and his crew at Golden Heating started the interior duct lines and gas lines on the roof started today. Once all the ceiling work is done we will paint it all the same color so it blends.

Neil installed the rooftop ladder- an item which is required by code for service access. It’s sturdy and well built – once again – thanks Neil for caring for this project!

Gerry insulated all the doors and window frames this week in prep for spray foam in 4 weeks. The last 3 windows also were replaced with fresh white PVC ones letting nice light into the vestibule & kitchen.

The stage has been built and River City Audio is working with us to help get the right balance for the space- Aaron & Paul are pro’s and are going above & beyond!

This week Daniel released the NEW Joy Fountain logo – this has been in the works for a year now! We will be making all new marketing components so this felt like the perfect time for it – I would describe it as a graduated version of the previous logo and will be versatile in all the ways we need. Daniel & Kevin have updated the JF website to include a new quick link to Apple Podcasts – check it out and follow! These are easy to listen to on a walk or drive and share with friends!

Looking at the photos.. it’s doesn’t look pretty yet – but we need to appreciate the progress – just like we need to in life- it’s all a journey and we are heading somewhere!

Next volunteer needs will be: 1. placing interior wall-batt sound insulation (anyone can do this!) 2. painting, painting and more painting – we need YOU! If you would like to help please let us know by contacting

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After 9 years, almost 500 Sunday set-ups as a mobile church, Joy Fountain has landed on a permanent home. The limitations of renting a space only 4 hours a week are soon to be over! Those mobile years weren’t for nothing - we’ve reached people, become a family and learned how to serve unconditionally - but we are ready for MORE. These next 6 months come along for the journey - watch as we convert this raw 5000 sq ft warehouse into a home for Joy Fountain. You can help us make this possible with your financial donation and sharing in the excitement - tell your friends, tell your neighbors- spread the Word!