Almost There

March 24, 2021

Sooooo much has happened since we checked in last. Many hands have been hard at work. I am grateful and impressed every day by the group of people God has brought together to do this work. My prayer is that each of them receives a reward beyond anything they could think or imagine! Here is an update on completed work since last post:

  • painting was completed, just a few touchups remain
  • all lighting is hung and live
  • ethernet wires run
  • Floors patched, filled and fully skim coated. The “pit” that was filled with grimy water when we moved in has disappeared!
  • plugs, switches are installed
  • flooring was installed in the bathrooms and janitor closet
  • doors installed and painted
  • door handles installed
  • sound booth counter installed
  • hot water tank installed
  • fire alarm equipment complete
  • bathroom tile complete
  • sound equipment installation started
  • all flooring and trim is on site ready to go
  • digital closet shelving

There are many others in between- but today probably one of the most exciting moments… RUNNING WATER! Kelly is getting sinks and toilets installed in our three washrooms so we will very soon be able to send back the port-a-potty. Kyle’s Toilets has donated the toilet since July- such generosity! If you EVER need services like his PLEASE call him 🙂

Tomorrow we have a prelim inspection to ensure that we’ve checked all the boxes and are trusting this will go well. We don’t have an exact launch date yet as there are many variables at play still- but I can tell you it is very close!! If you haven’t been by in awhile and would like to see the progress please reach out to Pastor Andaza or myself (Amanda) or you can go through the contact us page at

Pressing on to the finish line on this project we are still needing to raise funds. Are you able to help? This space is going to be a centre for every age and will serve the community- it will be a home for people to learn, grow, serve, and be discipled. I am so grateful to God for the journey He has taken me on since October 2019 when this all began- each time I fell down and was overwhelmed He sent help and encouraged me to keep going- this is His project- I have faith that He will provide!

floor skim coated, smooth now
Bathroom tile

350 Man-hours

February 16, 2021

It’s amazing what willing people can accomplish so quickly! Since our last post drywall has been hung, mudded, taped, sanded, corrected, sanded etc. GDI Drywall did an awesome job- all you guys are pros at what you do and always with a smile! I will be honest.. painting felt like a huge task… 14,000 square feet of drywall & 85 gallons of paint…- 1 coat of primer, sanding, 2 coat of paint- well…. it’s done! Thanks to a team of eager volunteers young and old- painting was completed in 350 man-hours over a span of 10 days. We hosted 3 large crew days and many hours in between.

Thank-you goes out the Garry of Top Coat painting who taught all the do’s and don’ts of painting and co-ordinated supplies- we all learned some new techniques! Need to acknowledge Garreth at McPhillips Street Paints- you took great care of us! Throughout the week Terrence was on site working away at painting, touch-ups, cleaning and making sure it all looked great – thank-you Terrence!

Shawn and Josh are now working at the electrical finishing- hanging lights, switches, plugs etc. Doors will be on site next week and will get installed followed by a coat of paint. Then onto floors, sounds, toilets, furnishings etc. Lastly we will need to get our occupancy permit approved by the City- as we have been doing everything according to specifications we anticipate this to go well!

Please continue to thank God & pray for grace to complete this project, for the remaining finances to come in and for God’s will to fully come to pass in this space!

Ready to Go!

January 17, 2021

December 31st marked the date of The City Electrical inspection.. we were all excited and nervous about this day – so many hours of work were put in to bring it to this point and it’s all up to 1 man to say thumbs up. Well, He did! What a great day that was, knowing that we can move onto insulation and finishing! Big hooray goes to Shawn & Josh for not only fulfilling the requirements, but doing what the engineer called “one of the cleanest jobs he saw in 2020”

Once we knew we could move on we reached out to Above All Sprayfoam to add R18 insulation to our perimeter walls. This product is actually incredible and you would never even know there had been extra man doors and overhead doors from inside. The temperature is now nicely maintained and drafts are gone.

Jan 13th Garry, owner of Top Coat Painting started spraying all the roof decking, joist and duct work. What a difference this has made! All the dirt has disappeared and it looks very clean and taller. The color is called Iron Ore from Benjamin Moore. One step closer now.

Drywall delivery is happening tomorrow (Jan 18). Saturday we did clean-up.. the floor was covered in the dryfall paint and needed to be swept up. Everything in the building is pushed into one area to make this easy for GDI drywall to do their job. This stage is the one I am most excited about- sound insulation will go within the drywall and we have pre-run conduit to all the ports for internet and video feed – and NOW each room will take it’s shape. The space is also going to be brighter!

Drywall is going to take a few weeks and then it’s going to be all hands on deck for priming and painting. Anyone you know who is willing with some experience is welcome to come volunteer. Many hands will make light work!


December 13, 2020

Shawn & I were reflecting last night on some of those first days working here this fall and how far the progress has come. It made me think back to all the things we’ve requested of God – and that He has answered on. The people that have come onto this project have each been the right ones. We have seen safe and are experiencing grace. God is stirring people’s hearts to help! It’s so important to stop and say thank-you and remember why we are doing this to maintain the right focus.

A home is an important thing, we each need one – it serves us for all the things we need to do – and so will this building. It’s going to be a place where Jesus disciples us, where people’s lives are transformed, where we send from and are sent to. A place that serves to community and reaches out. Let’s press into Him and seek His will, ask Him where He wants to have you serve for what He has planned!

Mechanical continues, electrical has come a very long was and we hope for inspection before end of year. Plumbing rough ins are almost done and heat is ON! The units run nice and quiet and even without the walls very well insulated the space is comfortable.

Insulation and drywall are lined up for the New Year – this will be the biggest visual impact we are all looking forward to. Sound equipment is being finalized and my basement is full of light fixtures ready to install. We are almost there friends and the excitement is growing.

Please continue to support this project in prayer, volunteer where you’re able and spread the news. If you know anyone who would like to GIVE they use this site on the main page, the fundraising has gone very well so far!


November 27, 2020

The question has been asked alot these last weeks- what’s happening with the building with code red. I am grateful to say that construction is considered an essential service so progress has not been slowed. We are following appropriate measures and work crews are safe

This week we saw wires being run through the walls and exterior lights are lit. The electrical team continues to work hard and make progress – the electrical system is the largest component of this retrofit- thank-you Shawn for your diligence and commitment!!! (xoxo)

Mike and his crew at Golden Heating started the interior duct lines and gas lines on the roof started today. Once all the ceiling work is done we will paint it all the same color so it blends.

Neil installed the rooftop ladder- an item which is required by code for service access. It’s sturdy and well built – once again – thanks Neil for caring for this project!

Gerry insulated all the doors and window frames this week in prep for spray foam in 4 weeks. The last 3 windows also were replaced with fresh white PVC ones letting nice light into the vestibule & kitchen.

The stage has been built and River City Audio is working with us to help get the right balance for the space- Aaron & Paul are pro’s and are going above & beyond!

This week Daniel released the NEW Joy Fountain logo – this has been in the works for a year now! We will be making all new marketing components so this felt like the perfect time for it – I would describe it as a graduated version of the previous logo and will be versatile in all the ways we need. Daniel & Kevin have updated the JF website to include a new quick link to Apple Podcasts – check it out and follow! These are easy to listen to on a walk or drive and share with friends!

Looking at the photos.. it’s doesn’t look pretty yet – but we need to appreciate the progress – just like we need to in life- it’s all a journey and we are heading somewhere!

Next volunteer needs will be: 1. placing interior wall-batt sound insulation (anyone can do this!) 2. painting, painting and more painting – we need YOU! If you would like to help please let us know by contacting

“In Good Shape”

November 14, 2020

Would you believe it!? All the walls are up! A few spots need ceiling and doorways still but they are being left open for the lift to drive through. Since last post we’ve seen continued progress with obvious results.

First off – did you see we have now raised over $200,000!!! Thank-you to everyone who is supporting this project – whether it’s financially, in time, in savings, in prayer. Going back to the book of Nehemiah – it took a huge team of people to rebuild those walls – every hand and effort has value. As we continue let’s press into God and lift up our requests and thanksgiving before Him – safety, grace, finances, favor and His Presence.

MB Hydro came and connect our new service point on November 5th – the coordination of this with permits and inspection took months to line up and it was holding our progress in many areas. Shawn was a master at creating the entry point for the power to run. Once the ‘new power’ was switched on we were able to remove all the remaining lines and meters inside and begin new wiring. Lots of exterior lighting is being added – taking us from 1 to 8. A temporary furnace is running inside that is keeping the space comfortable as the weather changes.

Like I said – ALL the rooms are now in place. You wouldn’t think adding walls could make a place feel bigger – but it does! The layout of the space couldn’t be better used. It is the same and the 3D tour on page 1 – with the exception of bathroom layout – we will have 1 women’s, 1 men’s & 1 universal all 8’x8′. Everyone who walks through seems happy – especially Pastor Andaza! with the layout and how it will serve the body. Almost all the lumber is used so the floorspace is open.

Plumbing lines are being run through the new walls along with a new roof stack. Cabinets are getting marked and lighting layouts are being determined. The sound booth is built and the stage is happening tomorrow. Gerry has installed 3 of the 4 exterior doors. Roof top heat units were placed last week and they will begin running the ventilation this coming week. It’s moving along well now – and as Gerry has told me we’re “in good shape”

Thank-you again to all the volunteers who are graciously showing up and working hard. A special shout out to my Mom & Aunty Sandy who swept the entire 5000 sf last Saturday – it made a huge difference and was badly needed (xoxox)!

Up next I need to start ordering things like insulation, toilets, drywall, maybe even flooring! Things are moving at a healthy pace and it’s exciting! If you want to get involved whether it’s by donation or volunteering (painting, flooring, any trades?) let us know at

***Sneak peek at Joy Fountain’s new logo coming soon!***


October 23, 2020

Since the last update there has been good progress at the new location. Structural welding is nearly complete, there is a lot of reinforcement specified by the engineer to carry the load. The welding team have done well and passed the preliminary inspection and are finishing up the last pieces. Thank-you Neil, Teyvon & Gill for everything you’re doing.

Kelly, our Plumber layed out all the pipes below the floor for the 3 washrooms and janitor closet- his skill and the calculations needed truly impress me. Once inspected the hole was backfilled with sand in preparation for concrete.

Shawn, the Electrician started work as soon as His permit was received. With a lot of creativity and wisdom he has worked hard to make our electrical system efficient and save on costs. As soon as the service point is approved by the city, MB Hydro will be contacted for a new line connection and then we can run from the new power and remove the remaining panels inside. Shawn has been a part of this project since day 1 – He is an immense value and goes above and beyond for his church.

Monday, Terry & his crew from Altymate Contracting began laying in the rebar for the concrete slab repair. On Tuesday it was poured, and as of today we can walk confidently on it. The pile of dirt was also removed from lot and all cleaned up. Terry’s team took the time to spread the remaining limestone to add a fresh layer to the driveway. Can’t say enough good things about this company. Thanks Terry for treating us like family!

Gerry, our contractor has been hard at work with a smile on his face! He’s there to receive deliveries, trades, leading crews, and keep the job moving. Grateful for everything He does – the jokes too. In framing with volunteers, Gerry takes the time to get the wall components ready and measured – this preliminary work keeps the work flowing.

Yesterday, the very first interior divide wall went up.. oh it felt so exciting. It was 1 year ago – October 22, 2019 we held the first prayer meeting there. God began a journey that only He knew the timeline and direction of. There was a lot we didn’t know that day, but He did – and over last year He has never left us – instead we’ve grown and learned to lean on Him more. I’ve come to realize God doesn’t always do things the easy way – but His ways are perfect. Could the Israelites not have been delivered after 1 plague? Of course, but that was not His plan. We continue to press on and seek His face.

As I write this a crew of 4 is lifting more walls! Are you willing to volunteer? Help is needed, there will much more work to do: Insulation, paint, flooring, cleaning, and more. Let me (Amanda) know or reach on the contact page at Keep spreading the word to your family and friends!

October 22, 2019

Metal, Mud & Wood

September 28, 2020

Construction went underway this week. For starters the structural welding required to support the roof top heat units began. Thank-you Neil & Victor, all your hard work is appreciated! Reinforcement is required and important for the integrity of the roof with the weight we are adding.

A large hole was cut in the concrete and dug down 4′ to re-plumb for our 3 handicap accessible washrooms. Thanks to Terry and his team at Altymate Contracting for taking good care of the site and being pros at what you do!

Saturday our contractor Gerry led the volunteer crew to build 3 large perimeter walls. The building is a little tricky because we have the slide the walls up rather than stand them up. The day was productive and everyone was safe. I think we all knew more about framing than when the day started, and got to know one another too

In Nehemiah 3 the title is “Rebuilding to Wall” and it lists name after name of men who worked next to eachother. This is what it looked like for us too. Everyone working in harmony with an objective. Supporting one another and being a team to get the work done. Grateful to everyone who was there that day! If you want to help with this project please let us know!

“The Look”

September 24, 2020

As promised last post I said I would give a peek of what the building will look like for finishing. The 3D walk-through on the home-page was created after God first gave the vision in October – since then the washrooms and room sizes have been tweaked – but we have stayed close to what we were shown. The objective of the space isn’t to fit everyone in at once. Does everybody see the movie at the same time? No, there are multiple showings. We will run multiple services on different days of the week – have youth nights, worship, community events, moms groups, courses… that’s just for starters…

The ceilings will be open throughout and painted light on the class side and darker in the sanctuary. The inspiration pictures and colors you’ll see in the attached mood boards will be in accents and small doses- don’t expect to see dark painted walls – the main tones in the building will be white and greys. I believe this color palette and the finishes we use will be welcoming to every age, it should feel like home to all who walk through the doors. Have a look through and picture yourself there.. worshiping, growing, serving… God has a big plan for Joy Fountain and you’re part of it!

If you’re new here to the site – maybe someone shared the link with you, or you heard about it on Facebook or Instagram, let me just say WELCOME! Follow along with us on this journey here and social media! If you want to connect with the JFC, whether it be an online service – or want to talk to someone you can reach us at:

God is never late

September 20, 2020

That’s right! We are moving from the waiting and planning season and into construction – wouldn’t have ever thought 1 piece of paper could bring me so much happiness and relief. The permit took longer than expected, but God had a plan all along. He was lining up people and resources!

Meetings to plan this project has been happening for 9 months so we are ready to go! God has sent an amazing crew of trades and support to move things along. With every challenge, He has faithfully answered. Our lumber package was delivered this week, and the big framing day is happening on Sept 26! A huge thank-you to James from Star who took extra time and care to bring everything indoors for us. Seeing the walls go up and rooms take shape will be a gamechanger for the space. From there we can move into the mechanical, plumbing and electrical. Once inspections are passed we will begin to close it all up in prep for finishes.

Posts here will be more regular going forward as there will be so much to share. Please use this site as a resource to share with EVERYONE! Spread the Word about what God is doing!

The next post will include a visual answer to the question I get so often “so what’s it going to look like?” STAY TUNED! Love Amanda

Matt & Matt taking down the last bathroom in July
Pressure washing the walls and roof in July. The BEST volunteers!
containing their excitement 🙂
this is all about the change!!

Be Part of the Story

After 9 years, almost 500 Sunday set-ups as a mobile church, Joy Fountain has landed on a permanent home. The limitations of renting a space only 4 hours a week are soon to be over! Those mobile years weren’t for nothing - we’ve reached people, become a family and learned how to serve unconditionally - but we are ready for MORE. These next 6 months come along for the journey - watch as we convert this raw 5000 sq ft warehouse into a home for Joy Fountain. You can help us make this possible with your financial donation and sharing in the excitement - tell your friends, tell your neighbors- spread the Word!