350 Man-hours

February 16, 2021

It’s amazing what willing people can accomplish so quickly! Since our last post drywall has been hung, mudded, taped, sanded, corrected, sanded etc. GDI Drywall did an awesome job- all you guys are pros at what you do and always with a smile! I will be honest.. painting felt like a huge task… 14,000 square feet of drywall & 85 gallons of paint…- 1 coat of primer, sanding, 2 coat of paint- well…. it’s done! Thanks to a team of eager volunteers young and old- painting was completed in 350 man-hours over a span of 10 days. We hosted 3 large crew days and many hours in between.

Thank-you goes out the Garry of Top Coat painting who taught all the do’s and don’ts of painting and co-ordinated supplies- we all learned some new techniques! Need to acknowledge Garreth at McPhillips Street Paints- you took great care of us! Throughout the week Terrence was on site working away at painting, touch-ups, cleaning and making sure it all looked great – thank-you Terrence!

Shawn and Josh are now working at the electrical finishing- hanging lights, switches, plugs etc. Doors will be on site next week and will get installed followed by a coat of paint. Then onto floors, sounds, toilets, furnishings etc. Lastly we will need to get our occupancy permit approved by the City- as we have been doing everything according to specifications we anticipate this to go well!

Please continue to thank God & pray for grace to complete this project, for the remaining finances to come in and for God’s will to fully come to pass in this space!

Be Part of the Story

After 9 years, almost 500 Sunday set-ups as a mobile church, Joy Fountain has landed on a permanent home. The limitations of renting a space only 4 hours a week are soon to be over! Those mobile years weren’t for nothing - we’ve reached people, become a family and learned how to serve unconditionally - but we are ready for MORE. These next 6 months come along for the journey - watch as we convert this raw 5000 sq ft warehouse into a home for Joy Fountain. You can help us make this possible with your financial donation and sharing in the excitement - tell your friends, tell your neighbors- spread the Word!