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After 9 years, almost 500 Sunday set-ups as a mobile church, Joy Fountain has landed on a permanent home. The limitations of renting a space only 4 hours a week are soon to be over! Those mobile years weren’t for nothing - we’ve reached people, become a family and learned how to serve unconditionally - but we are ready for MORE. These next 6 months come along for the journey - watch as we convert this raw 5000 sq ft warehouse into a home for Joy Fountain. You can help us make this possible with your financial donation and sharing in the excitement - tell your friends, tell your neighbors- spread the Word!


Latest Updates

Almost There

March 24, 2021 Sooooo much has happened since we checked in last. Many hands have been hard at work. I am grateful and impressed every day by the group of people God has brought together to do this work. My prayer is that each of them receives a reward beyond anything they could think or imagine! Here is an update on completed work since last post: painting was completed, just a few touchups remain all lighting is hung and live ethernet wires run Floors patched, filled and fully skim coated. The “pit” that was filled with grimy water when we […]

350 Man-hours

February 16, 2021 It’s amazing what willing people can accomplish so quickly! Since our last post drywall has been hung, mudded, taped, sanded, corrected, sanded etc. GDI Drywall did an awesome job- all you guys are pros at what you do and always with a smile! I will be honest.. painting felt like a huge task… 14,000 square feet of drywall & 85 gallons of paint…- 1 coat of primer, sanding, 2 coat of paint- well…. it’s done! Thanks to a team of eager volunteers young and old- painting was completed in 350 man-hours over a span of 10 days. […]

Ready to Go!

January 17, 2021 December 31st marked the date of The City Electrical inspection.. we were all excited and nervous about this day – so many hours of work were put in to bring it to this point and it’s all up to 1 man to say thumbs up. Well, He did! What a great day that was, knowing that we can move onto insulation and finishing! Big hooray goes to Shawn & Josh for not only fulfilling the requirements, but doing what the engineer called “one of the cleanest jobs he saw in 2020” Once we knew we could move […]


December 13, 2020 Shawn & I were reflecting last night on some of those first days working here this fall and how far the progress has come. It made me think back to all the things we’ve requested of God – and that He has answered on. The people that have come onto this project have each been the right ones. We have seen safe and are experiencing grace. God is stirring people’s hearts to help! It’s so important to stop and say thank-you and remember why we are doing this to maintain the right focus. A home is an […]


November 27, 2020 The question has been asked alot these last weeks- what’s happening with the building with code red. I am grateful to say that construction is considered an essential service so progress has not been slowed. We are following appropriate measures and work crews are safe This week we saw wires being run through the walls and exterior lights are lit. The electrical team continues to work hard and make progress – the electrical system is the largest component of this retrofit- thank-you Shawn for your diligence and commitment!!! (xoxo) Mike and his crew at Golden Heating started […]

"In Good Shape"

November 14, 2020 Would you believe it!? All the walls are up! A few spots need ceiling and doorways still but they are being left open for the lift to drive through. Since last post we’ve seen continued progress with obvious results. First off – did you see we have now raised over $200,000!!! Thank-you to everyone who is supporting this project – whether it’s financially, in time, in savings, in prayer. Going back to the book of Nehemiah – it took a huge team of people to rebuild those walls – every hand and effort has value. As we […]


October 23, 2020 Since the last update there has been good progress at the new location. Structural welding is nearly complete, there is a lot of reinforcement specified by the engineer to carry the load. The welding team have done well and passed the preliminary inspection and are finishing up the last pieces. Thank-you Neil, Teyvon & Gill for everything you’re doing. Kelly, our Plumber layed out all the pipes below the floor for the 3 washrooms and janitor closet- his skill and the calculations needed truly impress me. Once inspected the hole was backfilled with sand in preparation for […]

Metal, Mud & Wood

September 28, 2020 Construction went underway this week. For starters the structural welding required to support the roof top heat units began. Thank-you Neil & Victor, all your hard work is appreciated! Reinforcement is required and important for the integrity of the roof with the weight we are adding. A large hole was cut in the concrete and dug down 4′ to re-plumb for our 3 handicap accessible washrooms. Thanks to Terry and his team at Altymate Contracting for taking good care of the site and being pros at what you do!

"The Look"

September 24, 2020 As promised last post I said I would give a peek of what the building will look like for finishing. The 3D walk-through on the home-page was created after God first gave the vision in October – since then the washrooms and room sizes have been tweaked – but we have stayed close to what we were shown. The objective of the space isn’t to fit everyone in at once. Does everybody see the movie at the same time? No, there are multiple showings. We will run multiple services on different days of the week – have […]

God is never late

September 20, 2020 That’s right! We are moving from the waiting and planning season and into construction – wouldn’t have ever thought 1 piece of paper could bring me so much happiness and relief. The permit took longer than expected, but God had a plan all along. He was lining up people and resources! Meetings to plan this project has been happening for 9 months so we are ready to go! God has sent an amazing crew of trades and support to move things along. With every challenge, He has faithfully answered. Our lumber package was delivered this week, and […]

Keeping the Faith

March 10, 2020 Updates have been announced over the last Sundays in church, but if you’ve missed those we want you to know where things are at with the building project #ahomeforjoy. On December 24 our permit application was submitted to the City of Winnipeg. This was a complex document showing not just a floorplan, but mechanical, structural, electrical and everything required for a safe occupancy site. This application then went through several desks which approve or advise of changes based on the building code. As of right now we are waiting on only 2/9 parts, 1 of which is […]

Making Progress while Waiting

Christmas Eve was a blessing to be at the City of Winnipeg office submitting our application. This building was previously a warehouse space so we need to rezone it for "occupancy". Everything will be brought up to code and standard so the building is safe for all who enter. While we wait on the permit, the volunteers have been working hard to get the site ready for framing, electrical, plumbing, heat. The massive pile of reusable wood has been stripped of nails - each board is a minimum 4$ saved! Way to go team! Quotes are being collected for the required work and meetings are being held.

The Before & The After - Part 2

December 7, 2019 This building is what I would like to call “raw”.  Many look at a space like this and see all the work to be done.. For me I see all the opportunity. Starting from nothing means we don’t NEED to “make it work”.. but that we CAN make it work. After the first walk-through of the space I asked the Lord “How do we make it all fit?” He showed me, very clearly. The sanctuary will hold approx 140 seats (in time we plan to run multiple services), 2 offices, 3 kids ministry spaces, 1 nursing room, […]

The Before & The After

After 9 years, almost 500 Sunday set-ups as a mobile church, Joy Fountain has landed on a permanent building. The limitations of renting a space only 4 hours a week are soon to be over! The mobile years haven’t been for nothing – we’ve reached people, become a family and learned how to serve unconditionally – but it is time to do MORE. Over the next 6 months come along for the journey – watch as we convert this raw 5000 sq ft warehouse into a home for Joy Fountain Church. You can help us make this possible with your […]

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